Right, I have to admit that even the name seems attractive and it might have so tiny tiny influence on me.

But to be fair, Weekday creations are simple, effective, delicate. I discovered the brand a few months ago and I cannot stop adding things to my shopping cart –which most part of times never gets the payment stage.

In any case, and if you don’t feel like buying on the official website due to the shipping costs, I have great news for you: asos.com has also quite a few garments from this firm and some similar garments from other brand.

Currently craving…

The padded bomber jacket

Seriously, guys, 90’s again … and yes, I have to admit that I have a <strike>deeply developed</strike> guy side that really needs one of these asap.

You can check cheapy alternatives here (I know, I have a huge problem with man clothes, but it worths the try!) and there. 🙂

And the piece de resistance



This marvelous wrap blouse with a relaxed tone. Ok, I might have a problem with white shirts and blouses, but this one is lovely.

Again, ASOS can help you if you don’t feel like treating you now… but hey, it is almost Christmas! Think about it. 😉


Stay tuned, next time i will talk about my passion about nordic simplicity on furniture and we all will have to chance of dreaming for a while, and even get inspired to do some similar things at home for just a few quids!

What do you think about Weekday universe? Please share your thoughts and even good deals on the comments! I will be more than glad to read you.